It’s nights like this where I wonder why I ever stopped slitting my wrists.

So fucking suicidal all the fucking time omfg

I just want to kill myself, but my party is coming up and I just paid for college, how much of an asshole would I be leaving my family to pay for me after I’m dead. But who the fuck would care anyways…

My life is a mess, I’ve been crying for hours and nothing can fix the pain I feel.


I’m such a sensitive person I hate it 

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there are days where I miss you all at once and never at all

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Welp, losing yet another girl that is beautiful, makes me laugh, loves everything I love and knows just how to make me smile… Because she hates my past and this tattoo, screws up constantly & didn’t like the friendship between my bestfriend and I… Guess that’s cool too, sorry for thinking you were different :( this fucking sucks but then again, I love my ex- always will, but who doesn’t always have something for their first love?? Who doesn’t love their best friend like a sister and won’t let people stop that?? And who likes hearing that they get screwed over and just accepts it ?? Not me, fuck no, I learned my lesson and I just want things to go back in time. I’m so fucking sorry this happened, I just can’t take being hurt all the time, I’m letting go and it’s killing me because I wish I didn’t have to..